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To find outdated installations and applications on your web server, you can use the SoftwareCheck from OutDated.Software and download it here.

Downloads of the SoftwareChecks from OutDated.Software for web installations:

Main program:

Version Download md5 updated
3.4.331 e48f87f890c7ea156af6f55f27270bb8 2024-07-16 12:09:04 +0000

Update Package:

Version Download md5 updated
41556 only through the program or Login 173f1780ade28105983341576c689d82 2024-07-17 12:02:02 +0000

In order to be able to check all version numbers and modules of current 200 software products, a registration and an active Payment is required.

The Trial Key: 0123456789 can be used permanently if you only want to test the included software products.

If you have any questions or help with installation/configuration, we will be happy to help you.

Installation of Program ODS:

  1. Simply the archive of Downloads with e.g. wget:
    mkdir /usr/src/ods/
    cd /usr/src/ods/
    Download to the server and unpack in the directory:
    tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz
    If desired, compare the file hash:
    md5sum latest.tar.gz
    and with

  2. Rename the example

    Adjust the with the license key from your Account:
    $configs['key'] = 'xxx';

    further adjustments according to your wishes:
    Debug Output,

  3. Start the program and check directories:
    via cli (recommended):
    ./check.php /path/to/the/Applications/

    Or over http:

  4. Evaluate the result and update, done.

Thanks to the various configuration options, an automation for automatically writing to users or admins is easy to create.
We'll help you!

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