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Parameters of ODS

A brief explanation of the parameters of ODS.

In general, the call is via CLI via:
./check.php /$path/

or with additional parameters:
./check.php /path/ blacklist=backups|/path/backup/

via http with:


/path/ OR ./path/ OR C:\win\htdocs\   The path is required as the first parameter. If left blank, the current path of $pwd will be used.
modul=xxxx   For example, if you only want to search for main WordPress installations, you can specify this with modul=wordpress.
blacklist=xxxx|xxxx   The blacklist parameter can be used to exclude folders as regex or paths:
blacklist=dirrname or
blacklist=/absolute/path/ or
blacklist=dirnamen|Dirrname222|DIR3333 or
list   Lists all modules that your OutDated.Software program can check.
If modules have been deactivated under Modules, fewer will be listed.
list modul=xxxx   With list modul=xxx the version, file etc. is only listed for this module and not all of them.
cronjob   Then only checks the files from the ./cronjobfiles/$path list and outputs the result serialized or with format=csv|json|xml|txt|php in other format.
cronjob manuell   Like cronjob, it only checks the files from ./cronjobfiles/$path but outputs the result as human-readable like a normal search.
list   Shows the existing search engines and the current version.
help   Displays this help text.
update   Checks whether there are new updates from the main program and the software modules and updates them.
not needed if autoupdates on

Configuration of

A brief explanation of
1 is ON (activated) and 0 is OFF (disabled)
default: 0123456789
  The license key from your account must be adjusted, otherwise only the trial data will be loaded.
default: en
  Language as an abbreviation. Currently only de and en are offered.
default: On
  Whether the output should be in color.
default: Off
  If the license e.g. has expired and ignoreupdate is set to 0, the process aborts.
If 1 (On), execution continues with the old version.
default: Off
  If 0 (off), current finds are not displayed.
If on (1), installations that are current are still displayed.
default: Off
  If 0 (off), discoveries that are more recent are not displayed.
If on (1), installations that are more recent are still displayed (with Installed Version is newer).
This mainly occurs with software such as Typo3, where there are several versions (8, 9, 10, 11) which all use the same version file.
This means that when checking for versions 8, 9, 10 it is necessary to install new ones.
To prevent these duplications, listnew must be deactivated or you disable these lts Versions under Modules.
default: On
  If a cronjob file exists at ./cronjobfiles/%path, that file listing is taken instead of a find/dir.
This is of course much faster, but files that are not yet in the list will not be found.
The cronjob file should therefore be updated regularly.
default: 3
  How long to wait until the connection establishment to the is considered to have failed.
default: On
  Every time it is executed, checks whether there are new version updates (on = recommended).
If off (0), the "update" parameter must be checked manually.
default: 0
  If 0 (off), is necessary for older php versions where file_get_contents cannot use https.
default: Off
  If 1 (on), when using ./createcronjobfiles.php /path/, existing file version files are automatically overwritten without prompting.
default: Off
  If 1 (on), debug output is output.
default: On
  If 1 (of), the result is sent to outdated software to generate statistics in the login.
default: Off
  If 1 (of), the result is sent to outdated software HASHED to generate statistics in the login.
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