Prices and features of ODS:

Please choose whether you would like to see the prices as a private individual or company.
A license for private for updates of version numbers costs from 19.99€ gross per month and Server/IP-Address (inclusive the VAT of 19%).
The execution is set to one IP-address/Server per payment per license.


The program and updates for about 30 modules are free with the trial key 0123456789

Trial (~30 Modules)

Savings: 0%

1 Month

Savings: 0.0%

3 Months

Savings: ~9%

6 Months

Savings: ~16%

12 Months

Savings: ~26%

All tariffs include the following services:

  • Execution of the SoftwareCheck from OutDated.Software.
  • Can be carried out as often and at the same time as desired.
  • Download the latest version numbers (updates)
  • Updates from the ODS Main program
  • Statistics current/outdated (if activated)
  • Selection of software modules/software (fewer modules means faster)
  • Code from the program may be adapted or, alternatively, reprogrammed into another language.
  • New programs can be registered for inclusion
  • Support is only possible for the original program without any adjustments.
  • Not all programs can accommodate new software.
  • We try to implement requests for the expansion of the main program

What can be checked?

Currently included software modules that can be checked:
Namen, Homepage, Modulname, Software, CMS
4images (V1.x),     Awstats (V7.x),     Bbpress (V2.x),     Beez20,     Beez5,     Bigace2 (V2.x),     Bigtreecms (V4.x),     Bigtreecms42 (V4.x),     Bugzilla (V5.x),     Cakephp (V5.x),     Chamilo-lms (V2.x),     Cmsimple (V5.x),     Cmsmadesimple (V2.x),     Concrete5 (V9.x),     Concrete9 (V9.x),     Contao2.11,     Contao3,     Contao41,     Contenido3 (V4.x),     Contenido4 (V4.x),     Coppermine (V1.x),     Dokuwiki (V2.x),     Dolibarr-erm (V2.x),     Drupal (V8.x),     Drupal9 (V9.x),     E107 (V2.x),     Flow3 (V8.x),     Fluxbb,     Flyspray (V1.x),     Forkcms (V5.x),     Formtools3 (V3.x),     Foswiki (V2.x),     Gallery3 (V3.x),     Gambio (V4.x),     Gsales (V3.x),     Horizonqcsm4,     Horizonqcsm5,     Jenkins2 (V2.x),     Joomla-akeeba-backup (V9.x),     Joomla-bluestork,     Joomla-jce (V2.x),     Joomla-jdownloads (V4.x),     Joomla-modfeed (V3.x),     Joomla-virtuemart (V4.x),     Joomla1.0 (V5.x),     Joomla1.5 (V5.x),     Joomla1.6 (V5.x),     Joomla1.7 (V5.x),     Joomla2 (V5.x),     Joomla5 (V5.x),     Kanboard (V1.x),     Linpha (V1.x),     Livezilla,     Luxcal (V5.x),     Magento,     Magento2,     Magento2.4,     Mantis (V2.x),     Mautic (V5.x),     Mediawiki (V1.x),     Mnogosearch,     Modx2revolution (V3.x),     Modxevolution (V3.x),     Moodle (V4.x),     Moregroupware,     Mybb (V1.x),     Myphpguestbook,     Nextcloud29 (V2.x),     Nextcloud2x (V2.x),     Nucleusblog (V3.x),     Nucleusblog-old (V3.x),     Opencart (V4.x),     Openrealestate (V1.x),     Openx,     Oscommerce (V6.x),     Oscommerce4 (V4.x),     Osticket (V1.x),     Otrs (V6.x),     Owncloud-openidconnect (V2.x),     Owncloud-openotp_auth (V1.x),     Owncloud6 (V1.x),     Owncloud78910 (V1.x),     Oxidshop (V6.x),     Oxidshop6 (V7.x),     Oxidshop7 (V7.x),     Pbboard,     Phpalbum,     Phpbb3 (V3.x),     Phpcms,     Phpfusion9 (V9.x),     Phplist (V3.x),     Phpmyadmin (V5.x),     Phpmyfaq (V3.x),     Phpnuke,     Phprojekt,     Phpshell (V2.x),     Phpthumb (V1.x),     Phpwcms (V1.x),     Phpwiki (V1.x),     Piwigo (V1.x),     Piwik (V5.x),     Playsms (V1.x),     Pmwiki (V2.x),     Pragmamx (V2.x),     Prestashop (V8.x),     Prestashop8 (V8.x),     Processwire (V3.x),     Pydio-ajaxplorer (V2.x),     Pyrocms2 (V3.x),     Pyrocms3 (V3.x),     Razorcms,     Redaxo (V5.x),     Redaxo5 (V5.x),     Requesttracker (V5.x),     Revive-adserver (V5.x),     Roundcube (V1.x),     Serendipity (V2.x),     Shopware5 (V5.x),     Shopware57 (V5.x),     Shopware6 (V6.x),     Smf (V2.x),     Squirrelmail (V1.x),     Sugarcrm,     Suitecrm7 (V7.x),     Suitecrm8 (V8.x),     Symfony (V7.x),     Textpattern2 (V4.x),     Thumb (V2.x),     Tikiwiki (V2.x),     Timthumb (V2.x),     Typo3 (V1.x),     Typo3.10 (V1.x),     Typo3.11 (V1.x),     Typo3.13 (V1.x),     Typo3.6 (V9.x),     Typo3.7 (V9.x),     Typo3.8 (V9.x),     Typo3.9 (V9.x),     Vanilla (V2.x),     Vanilla-old (V2.x),     Vtiger8 (V8.x),     Wackowiki (V6.x),     Webatall,     Webcalendar,     Webedition6 (V9.x),     Websitebaker (V2.x),     Webspell (V4.x),     Webtrees2 (V2.x),     Wordpress (V6.x),     Wordpress-advanced-custom-fields (V6.x),     Wordpress-akismet (V5.x),     Wordpress-all-in-one-seo-pack (V4.x),     Wordpress-beautiful-cookie-consent-banner (V4.x),     Wordpress-better-wp-security (V9.x),     Wordpress-contact-form7 (V5.x),     Wordpress-countperday (V3.x),     Wordpress-disqus (V3.x),     Wordpress-download-manager (V3.x),     Wordpress-fancybox-for-wordpress (V3.x),     Wordpress-global-flash-gallerie,     Wordpress-issuu-panel (V2.x),     Wordpress-jetpack (V1.x),     Wordpress-mailchimp-subscribe-sm (V4.x),     Wordpress-mobile-detector,     Wordpress-nextgen-gallery (V3.x),     Wordpress-podlove-publisher (V4.x),     Wordpress-polls (V2.x),     Wordpress-revelution-slider (V6.x),     Wordpress-seo (V2.x),     Wordpress-seo-yoast (V2.x),     Wordpress-slimstat (V5.x),     Wordpress-supercache (V1.x),     Wordpress-thenewsletterplugin (V8.x),     Wordpress-tinymce-advanced (V5.x),     Wordpress-twentyeleven (V4.x),     Wordpress-twentyten (V4.x),     Wordpress-twentythirteen (V4.x),     Wordpress-updraftsplus (V1.x),     Wordpress-useronline (V2.x),     Wordpress-websitez-mobile-detector,     Wordpress-woocomerce (V9.x),     Wordpress-wordfence (V7.x),     Wordpress-wpdatabasebackup (V2.x),     Wordpress-wptouch (V4.x),     Wordpress-wptouch3 (V4.x),     Wordpress-wsyija-newsletter,     Xmb (V1.x),     Xsboosteroscommerce,     Xsboosterxtcommerce,     Xtcommerce3 (V6.x),     Xtcommerce4 (V6.x),     Xtcommerce6 (V6.x),     Yabb (V2.x),     Yui (V3.x),     Yui-min (V3.x),     Zencart (V2.x),     Zendframework,     Zenphoto (V1.x),     Zikula (V3.x),     Zikula3 (V3.x),    

What restrictions are there?

  1. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that every software will always be found correctly (e.g. if adjustments have been made).
    However, we will be informed about this automatically and will then try to set a new module or adapt the current software.

  2. The main program itself is written in php and can be run with php versions 5 to 8.

  3. The version numbers are updated automatically from the websites of the software manufacturers.

  4. The update servers of OutDated Software (SoftwareChecker) are double mirrored, but a disconnect in the event of network errors cannot be completely prevented.

  5. If an update was downloaded from an IP, this is a use of the license key.
    For example, if ODS was run by 3 IPs but only 2 payments were made, the last server would not receive any updates/downloads.
    And the exceeding of the number of updates is displayed in the control panel when logging in.

  6. It requires at least php5 or higher, fgets or curl or wget, shell_exec, find or dir.
    Allowed for every default installation of php with shell_exec, it can run directly on Windows and Linux.
* Private prices are gross and include 19% VAT
* Prices for B2B are net with tax liability for service recipients
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