Find outdated CMS/Web-Installations with OutDated . Software (ODS for short)!


With the program you can check your servers whether a CMS website that was created with an application such as Gambio (V4.x),     Dolibarr-erm (V2.x),     E107 (V2.x),     Symfony (V7.x),     Textpattern2 (V4.x),     Wordpress-useronline (V2.x),     etc. is still up to date or not.
OutDated.Software is worthwhile for webmasters, resellers, hosting providers, or even private administrators who manage more than just one website.

Many websites have already been hacked and thousands more websites are automatically infected every day.

In some hacks you don't even notice it on the outside because the attacker only inserts a small piece of JS code and many virus scanners on the visitor's or administrator's computer do not recognize this as "evil" or only recognize it very late.
In almost all cases, the hacks happen via outdated CMS web installations that have not been updated in time!

With OutDated.Software (ODS) you have the opportunity to create file-based cms web applications or installations such as: Gambio (V4.x),     Dolibarr-erm (V2.x),     E107 (V2.x),     Symfony (V7.x),     Textpattern2 (V4.x),     Wordpress-useronline (V2.x),     themes, plugins and many more (currently: 200). Check whether there is already a newer version from the manufacturer for your cms web application installation.

You can find a complete list of modules/software/installations under the menu item: Pricing/Features.

What OutDated.Software does and how to install it:

  • Process/test
  1. The files with the version numbers of the software or modules or applications are read from the specified path.

    The list of version files is compiled based on the software modules used when the program starts.

  2. Depending on the strength of the server and the number of files, with 1.2TB it takes approx. 4 to 11 minutes until the result is available.

  3. The version files found are then checked by the ODS based on the current version numbers of the installed software to determine whether the version is current or outdated.

  4. The installation path, the software name, the current and outdated versions of the software found are then displayed:
    result from ods

  5. Multilingual capable. However, there are currently only DE and EN to choose from.
    However, the language files can easily be translated and then used.
  • Installation
1. Simply download the archive from ods with e.g. wget:
mkdir /usr/src/ods/
cd /usr/src/ods/

Download to the server and unpack in the directory:

tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz

If desired, compare the file hash:
md5sum latest.tar.gz
namely with /en/latest.tar.gz.md5

2. Customize with the license key from your account:
  • $configs['key'] = 'xxx';
  • further adjustments according to your wishes:
    debug output,
3. Start the program and check directories:
./check.php /path/
Or over http:

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4images (V1.x),     Awstats (V7.x),     Bbpress (V2.x),     Beez20,     Beez5,     Bigace2 (V2.x),     Bigtreecms (V4.x),     Bigtreecms42 (V4.x),     Bugzilla (V5.x),     Cakephp (V5.x),     Chamilo-lms (V2.x),     Cmsimple (V5.x),     Cmsmadesimple (V2.x),     Concrete5 (V9.x),     Concrete9 (V9.x),     Contao2.11,     Contao3,     Contao41,     Contenido3 (V4.x),     Contenido4 (V4.x),     Coppermine (V1.x),     Dokuwiki (V2.x),     Dolibarr-erm (V2.x),     Drupal (V8.x),     Drupal9 (V9.x),     E107 (V2.x),     Flow3 (V8.x),     Fluxbb,     Flyspray (V1.x),     Forkcms (V5.x),     Formtools3 (V3.x),     Foswiki (V2.x),     Gallery3 (V3.x),     Gambio (V4.x),     Gsales (V3.x),     Horizonqcsm4,     Horizonqcsm5,     Jenkins2 (V2.x),     Joomla-akeeba-backup (V9.x),     Joomla-bluestork,     Joomla-jce (V2.x),     Joomla-jdownloads (V4.x),     Joomla-modfeed (V3.x),     Joomla-virtuemart (V4.x),     Joomla1.0 (V5.x),     Joomla1.5 (V5.x),     Joomla1.6 (V5.x),     Joomla1.7 (V5.x),     Joomla2 (V5.x),     Joomla5 (V5.x),     Kanboard (V1.x),     Linpha (V1.x),     Livezilla,     Luxcal (V5.x),     Magento,     Magento2,     Magento2.4,     Mantis (V2.x),     Mautic (V5.x),     Mediawiki (V1.x),     Mnogosearch,     Modx2revolution (V3.x),     Modxevolution (V3.x),     Moodle (V4.x),     Moregroupware,     Mybb (V1.x),     Myphpguestbook,     Nextcloud29 (V2.x),     Nextcloud2x (V2.x),     Nucleusblog (V3.x),     Nucleusblog-old (V3.x),     Opencart (V4.x),     Openrealestate (V1.x),     Openx,     Oscommerce (V6.x),     Oscommerce4 (V4.x),     Osticket (V1.x),     Otrs (V6.x),     Owncloud-openidconnect (V2.x),     Owncloud-openotp_auth (V1.x),     Owncloud6 (V1.x),     Owncloud78910 (V1.x),     Oxidshop (V6.x),     Oxidshop6 (V7.x),     Oxidshop7 (V7.x),     Pbboard,     Phpalbum,     Phpbb3 (V3.x),     Phpcms,     Phpfusion9 (V9.x),     Phplist (V3.x),     Phpmyadmin (V5.x),     Phpmyfaq (V3.x),     Phpnuke,     Phprojekt,     Phpshell (V2.x),     Phpthumb (V1.x),     Phpwcms (V1.x),     Phpwiki (V1.x),     Piwigo (V1.x),     Piwik (V5.x),     Playsms (V1.x),     Pmwiki (V2.x),     Pragmamx (V2.x),     Prestashop (V8.x),     Prestashop8 (V8.x),     Processwire (V3.x),     Pydio-ajaxplorer (V2.x),     Pyrocms2 (V3.x),     Pyrocms3 (V3.x),     Razorcms,     Redaxo (V5.x),     Redaxo5 (V5.x),     Requesttracker (V5.x),     Revive-adserver (V5.x),     Roundcube (V1.x),     Serendipity (V2.x),     Shopware5 (V5.x),     Shopware57 (V5.x),     Shopware6 (V6.x),     Smf (V2.x),     Squirrelmail (V1.x),     Sugarcrm,     Suitecrm7 (V7.x),     Suitecrm8 (V8.x),     Symfony (V7.x),     Textpattern2 (V4.x),     Thumb (V2.x),     Tikiwiki (V2.x),     Timthumb (V2.x),     Typo3 (V1.x),     Typo3.10 (V1.x),     Typo3.11 (V1.x),     Typo3.13 (V1.x),     Typo3.6 (V9.x),     Typo3.7 (V9.x),     Typo3.8 (V9.x),     Typo3.9 (V9.x),     Vanilla (V2.x),     Vanilla-old (V2.x),     Vtiger8 (V8.x),     Wackowiki (V6.x),     Webatall,     Webcalendar,     Webedition6 (V9.x),     Websitebaker (V2.x),     Webspell (V4.x),     Webtrees2 (V2.x),     Wordpress (V6.x),     Wordpress-advanced-custom-fields (V6.x),     Wordpress-akismet (V5.x),     Wordpress-all-in-one-seo-pack (V4.x),     Wordpress-beautiful-cookie-consent-banner (V4.x),     Wordpress-better-wp-security (V9.x),     Wordpress-contact-form7 (V5.x),     Wordpress-countperday (V3.x),     Wordpress-disqus (V3.x),     Wordpress-download-manager (V3.x),     Wordpress-fancybox-for-wordpress (V3.x),     Wordpress-global-flash-gallerie,     Wordpress-issuu-panel (V2.x),     Wordpress-jetpack (V1.x),     Wordpress-mailchimp-subscribe-sm (V4.x),     Wordpress-mobile-detector,     Wordpress-nextgen-gallery (V3.x),     Wordpress-podlove-publisher (V4.x),     Wordpress-polls (V2.x),     Wordpress-revelution-slider (V6.x),     Wordpress-seo (V2.x),     Wordpress-seo-yoast (V2.x),     Wordpress-slimstat (V5.x),     Wordpress-supercache (V1.x),     Wordpress-thenewsletterplugin (V8.x),     Wordpress-tinymce-advanced (V5.x),     Wordpress-twentyeleven (V4.x),     Wordpress-twentyten (V4.x),     Wordpress-twentythirteen (V4.x),     Wordpress-updraftsplus (V1.x),     Wordpress-useronline (V2.x),     Wordpress-websitez-mobile-detector,     Wordpress-woocomerce (V9.x),     Wordpress-wordfence (V7.x),     Wordpress-wpdatabasebackup (V2.x),     Wordpress-wptouch (V4.x),     Wordpress-wptouch3 (V4.x),     Wordpress-wsyija-newsletter,     Xmb (V1.x),     Xsboosteroscommerce,     Xsboosterxtcommerce,     Xtcommerce3 (V6.x),     Xtcommerce4 (V6.x),     Xtcommerce6 (V6.x),     Yabb (V2.x),     Yui (V3.x),     Yui-min (V3.x),     Zencart (V2.x),     Zendframework,     Zenphoto (V1.x),     Zikula (V3.x),     Zikula3 (V3.x),    

What restrictions are there?

  1. File based only:
  1. Only installations where the version number is in a file can be checked.

  2. If the version is in a database or composer files, this outdated installation cannot currently be checked.

  3. Our version numbers are updated automatically every 2-4 hours. The SoftwareCheck then updates this independently (if not deactivated in

  4. Currently php5, php7, php8 or higher is required to run However, the code can be adapted and changed in order to port it to other scripting languages or to meet your own wishes.

  5. Requires at least::
    php5, php7 or php8
    php-curl, curl oder wget For updates of the modules
    find or rather dir
    So possible with every default php installation.
  1. Guarantees
  1. Unfortunately, we cannot give a 100% guarantee, as the programs can change so much at any time with a new update that it may no longer be possible to check for this software.

    However, we have all the installations that the ODS SoftwareCheck can check and can therefore guarantee that they will be found.

  2. We try to accommodate new requests for new software and as soon as we get an error message about changes, we adapt the code accordingly.

  3. Wishes and suggestions for improvement are welcome and can soon be pushed via git.

How do I start?

Very simple and easy
download and register

Create an account via register.
Click on the confirmation link in the first email.
Log in using the access data from the second email.

try it on your server
2Download and adjust settings

Download the main OutDatedSoftware program and unpack the archive on the server.
Adjust the license key (trial: 0123456789) and the desired settings in

use it
3Pay and use

If payment has not yet been made, ODS cannot load any version number updates. Therefore, add a payment under Payments or use the TRIAL Key 0123456789.
However, this can only check a few modules.

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